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Founded by Paul Johnson and Janet French, Johnson Gardening Services headquarters is based in Wiltshire. We provide a comprehensive range of gardening services to meet the needs of both domestic and commercial clients in and around the Swindon area. This includes gardens, grounds, estates and commercial properties of all sizes and our packages are tailored to closely meet our clients exact needs and circumstances.


Our services cater for those looking for both regular garden maintenance and for those who simply need a gardener for a one-off job such as garden clearance, hedge trimming or fencing.


Although the original company was created as a result of an accident, it’s no accident that the company is thriving and growing........

Paul Johnson  


Some time ago, Paul Johnson was in his 15th year as a car transporter driver when he lost his footing and fell some 16ft from the top of the transporter.

Realising his good fortune to eventually recover from the accident in possession of life and limbs, Paul decided to hang up the keys to his car transporter for good.

That decision made, Paul’s next one was: ‘what next?’

With a life-long passion and talent for gardening, the thought of getting paid for doing what he loved ran uppermost.

So Janet’s suggestion that Paul start a business to capitalise on his green-fingered passion was something of a no-brainer and before long, Paul was training at Cirencester Agricultural University and with the RHS to ensure his new goal became a reality.

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Janet French


Janet is the driving force in the business side of the company.

With a career trajectory that’s encompassed managing logistics for Formula 1 race teams and being Head of Commercial Operations for Top Shop, Janet knows a thing or two about running a business.


With Janet’s business acumen and Paul’s horticultural skill combined their successful business was born.

And you can benefit from this winning combination as an owner of a Johnson Gardening Services franchise.

It's a sad fact that many UK business start-ups fail in their early stages. With that in mind, when we originally launched Johnson Gardening Services, we set about creating a business firmly grounded in a well-researched business plan.


Our intention from the outset was to create a brand with a reputation for outstanding service with a business model that you’d expect from well-established businesses.


Utilising existing website writing skills, Janet got to work and www.johnsongardening.co.uk was launched.


This website became the key to our success. So much so that within 6 weeks the website made it to the top of page 1 of the organic results in Google and since that time the phone hasn’t stopped ringing.


With a successful website drawing in more and more business every day and a level of customer service rare in the industry we had more work than we could cope with.  It therefore wasn’t much of a surprise to find our first year’s trading had our accountant revealing that we’d earned almost 4 TIMES as much as other gardeners on his books! Clearly we’d created a sound business model.


One that you could adopt with the right support. Support from us.


Comments from friends that they’d love to start a business but had no idea where to begin sparked a light bulb moment. With a franchise operation we could:


  • Expand the Johnson Gardening Services brand

  • Help people like you to realise their business potential


And so Johnson Gardening Franchise Ltd was born.

Why are we franchising?